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Edification — n 1. improvement, instruction, or enlightenment, esp when morally or spiritually uplifting

Smiling, nodding, teaching. Loving!

We are rife–RIFE!–with slugs and snails around here. Did you know there are over forty kinds of slugs? Book it Dann-o, it is a fact Jack. Did you know their anus and reproductive organs are on their tops? Did you know they can be smaller than a penny or as big as a banana?

Did you know they are really freaking gross and that I hate them?

Consider yourself informed on all fronts. When it comes to harmless creatures and preschoolers, however, we must never let our adult bias stand in the way of curiosity!

When my in-laws were here last week, we came upon this little guy (and by “little,” I mean enormous):

Eww, it moves:

This feller is more the size we generally see around the house…in the grass, on tree branches, on the deck, hanging off the roof…pretty much everywhere. While his mother fought back a scowl, Mowgli let him meander at will up his little arm. He was certain the slug was looking for his belly button so that he could sleep there.

Note the lovely trail of slug slime.

Making a run for it

Thankfully, this particular slug was not able to bed down in my child’s bellybutton after all. Perhaps if he’d shown just a tad more initiative….


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